Legal Video Specialists Video Deposition
Video Depositions

At Legal Video Specialists, our speciality is Video Depositions. Our certified and highly trained staff can handle any unique challenges presented to them.

Video depositions provide the factfinder with much more than the words of a stenographic transcript. Studies have shown that jurors receive and retain information far better through both visual and aural means, rather than through hearing alone. Videos also relieve boredom and communicate information to jurors by television, the medium most familiar to Americans.

Legal Video Specialists Video Deposition

Our Video Deposition services include:

  • Videographer on-site one hour prior to scheduled start.
  • Professionally produced, procedurally correct recording in compliance with all Federal and State Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Digital master tapes of proceeding are archived for the required 10 years by LVS.
  • Neutral backdrop and lighting for a consistent appearance of witness.
  • Individual lavalier microphones for all speaking parties to insure the highest quality sound and a complete record.
  • We offer the court reporter direct audio feed to court reporting software. Tray tables, power and headphones are provided for the court reporters convenience.
  • LVS shoots all video in HD.
  • Deposition copies are available in nearly any format. DVD, HD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Sync'd with Presentation software,Trial Director, Sanction and more.

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